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Mission Statement

To provide an engaging, informative, fan first perspective on the game of football as it relates to the Buffalo Bills.  


The Beginnings


  Did 24/7BF start on a cold Fall night at the local watering hole, or was it always just there?  The bar.  It was definitely the bar.   Located centrally in the Finger Lakes region of New York state,  tucked between two small towns just South of the 90 sat a taproom the locals referred to as The Clipper.   Scott, Jarrod and Swank spent many a Fall night on the back deck of the Clipper, warming their bodies with spirits and filling the air with any and all of the latest news concerning the Buffalo Bills.


  The three had been acquainted since high school but bonded over a love for New York’s only professional football team.  They spent hours dissecting and speculating about the front office moves, the offense, the defense, the latest coaching staff, when will the drought end, maybe this EJ Manuel kid will work out? etc…  On that deck, on those nights, 24/7 Buf Fandemonium was born.


The Spark


  It was not until 2020 that Scott and Jarrod (along with their cousin Justin) decided to dedicate an online space to their love of talking Bills football. 

  They started a Facebook page called 24/7 Bills Fandemonium (later switched to Buf Fandemonium to avoid any copyright… problems?) which then led to the 24/7BufFandemonium Facebook Group.

  These were welcoming spaces, dedicated to providing a positive place for fans to speak freely about the Bills without worry of being ridiculed or bullied.


  The page and group started to grow, filling walls with posts of fans wanting to talk all about the Bills from all over the world.  Scott and Jarrod (Justin had left due to time and family commitments) wanted to realize the dream of starting a Live Stream.  The goal, to share their love of the team, maintain positive insight, educate, entertain and to provide an interactive program with a fan first perspective.  Only one problem, how the &*%$ do you start a live stream?  Enter Swank.


The K-Gun


  All along, Swank had been watching and supporting his old friends’ page.  With his background in music and Video Production, he had started to dabble in live streaming.  Swank, Scott and Jarrod began a dialogue and Swank jumped at the opportunity to offer his services and become a part of what Scott and Jarrod were building.  

  In August of 2020, the first episode of the K-Gun Report aired.  It didn’t take long for the three to fall back into those old days outside of the Clipper, talking Bills football and having a beer. 


    The message stayed the same, providing a fan first perspective in a positive and welcoming environment.

      From the die-hard fan who bleeds   red and blue to the casual fan who just likes the color blue, all are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

  As the seasons have gone by, the Bills have gotten more efficient, so has the K-Gun (Trust the process ;) )  

  The K-Gun started out only being available on YouTube and streaming to an audience of 2-3 viewers.  While still available on YouTube, it is now available on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.  The views have grown from single digits to thousands.  24/7BF has aired more than one hundred episodes over three seasons, added a pre-game show (Sunday Sessions with Scott, Swank & Ryan Thomas), had live conversations with four past Bills players, our Superfan friends, a Sports Illustrated columnist, and multiple, talented content creators and friends.  

  The K-Gun has served as a vessel to meet so many amazing Bills fans from across the Continent, a lot of people Scott, Jarrod and Swank consider family.  The years of support and positive interactions continue to fuel these 24/7BF admins to push past any limitations to new heights. 


  The K-Gun has allowed Scott, Jarrod and Swank a platform to do as much good as possible.  They have proudly raised thousands for different charities.  As of this writing, the K-Gun Report has been picked up by the Buffalo Fam Base network that is proudly sponsored by 26 Shirts.   


The Rager & FLX Mafia


  The K-Gun and Socials have created opportunities for the guys to connect with and form  relationships with so many incredible Bills fans (the Fam).  In 2021 Scott, Jarrod and Swank were presented with a proposal from their good friend Josh.  Josh was able to secure the 24/7BF boys a beautiful spot at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, NY for a preseason get together.  In two short weeks Scott, Jarrod and Swank put together the first Regular Season Rager. 


  That first Rager was a great opportunity for the boys to meet some amazing K-Gun fans and put on a live show.  There were giveaways, drinks and laughs.  

  Scott, Jarrod and Swank really enjoyed that first Rager and wanted to make it an annual event, but wanted it to be rooted closer to their homebase.   That brought up another subject that had been bounced around these three.  Buffalo, Rochester and even Syracuse have a solid Bills banner to fly, but what about the thousands of Bills fans that live in the Finger Lakes region?  The guys wanted to be able to proudly represent that not only were they Bills fans, but they were from the Finger Lakes.  Then it hit them like a stampeding Buffalo hoof, FLX Mafia.  

  A brand to go hand in hand with 24/7BF, being able to support and represent a whole area of energetic Bills fans.  The Admins married their roots to the Rager and moved it to Reinvention Brewing in Shortsville, NY.  

  The goal of the 2nd Rager was simple in concept but more ambitious in execution.  The boys decided to go bigger and better.  They partnered with friend and ex-Buffalo Bill Mark Maddox as well as their Superfan friends to make this event unforgettable.  The Superfan’s charity Shout for a Cause inc, alongside of 24/7BF, came together to raise funds for Mark Maddox’s Help 1 Foundation. 


  There were raffles, an in person LIVE K-Gun Report,  a special beer release from Reinvention Brewing, Live music from the Endless Mountain Derelicts, Ryan Thomas from the Thomas Take Sports Podcast joined the panel for his second year, and a special appearance from Mr. Mark Maddox himself as well as a horde of our Superfan friends.  Not to mention all of the 24/7 Fam and local FLX Mafia who turned up and showed out.  This is a 24/7BF tradition that the boys look forward to hosting for years to come. 


This is Not the End


Scott, Jarrod and Swank want to thank you for the continuous support of 24/7 Buf Fandemonium, The K-Gun Report, Sunday Sessions, the Rager and FLX Mafia.  They look forward to providing a positive and encouraging environment for Bills fans of every walk of life.  24/7BF is committed to delivering a fan first perspective while educating, informing and entertaining our 24/7BF Family.  Come be a part of the conversation.  Go Bills!




*24/7 Buf Fandemonium has no direct affiliation with the Buffalo Bills*

rage 1.jpg

1st Rager 2021

flx mafia.jpg

2nd Rager 2022

L-R Jarrod, Mark Maddox, Swank, Scott

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