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The Crew


  Swank started his relationship with the Buffalo Bills at ayoung age. The two of them through a lot together, ups and downs, wins and losses, triumphs and tragedies.  Swank wouldn’t have it any other way.


   He went to his first game with his father for his 13th birthday. The seeds were planted but they took root during the introductions. When Bruce Smith hit that field there was no turning back.


 Since joining 24/7 Buf Fandemonium,  Swank has found his people. He’s been able to put his video production and music background to good use and had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and even some of his heroes from those 90s teams. He enjoys watching the games with his wife, Sarah, You can find them screaming at the TV, damn near every Sunday at 1 PM. Swank’s favorite episode, aired last year with one of his childhood heroes Andre Reed.



  The Bills obsession started as early as Scott can remember. The love for Buffalo Bills was a passion passed down from his dad.

  Scott experienced his first game with heart break while watching the Bills lose a playoff matchup against the Cleveland Browns. Although the game ended in a loss the Buffalo Bills gained a life long fan.

  Football has always captivated Scott, even after hanging up the spikes. He knew his love for the game wouldn’t end there. Scott has fortified his love for the Buffalo Bills and in recent years helped create social media pages (24/7 Buf Fandemonium) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but this wasn’t enough; with the help of Jarrod and close friend, Justin (Swank), Scott helped create two live stream Podcasts called, The K-Gun Report and Sunday Sessions.  All of this has allowed Scott to stay current with his favorite team while “joining the conversation” with Bills fans from all over the world. One of Scott’s favorite time of the year is NFL Draft time, so fittingly enough, the The K-Gun Report Draft Specials are his favorite episodes. Check out last years Draft Special :

  Scott has an amazing, supportive wife, Ellen and they have 3 beautiful children- Jack, Nora, and Daniel- all destined to wear the red, white, and blue.



  Jarrod Reed has been a Buffalo Bills fan for over 35 years. As a child, his love for the game grew the more he watched and even more so when he started to play. Watching the Bills play was more than just something to do, it was a family tradition. Jarrod is a family man and shares his love of the game with his beautiful partner Sarah and their 4 children. Jarrod loves talking and teaching the game to his kids who are always full of questions.


  In recent years, Jarrods love for the game expanded. 24/7 Buf Fandemonium has allowed him to help spread news of his favorite team all while having discussions with fellow Bills fans. The addition of the K-Gun Report (PodCast) took Jarrod’s want to talk Bills football to another level. Jarrod’s Favorite Episode was “Season 2 Episode 31 WSG Butch “Mr. Touchdown” Rolle”. The K-Gun Report had their first ex. Buffalo Bills player as a guest, and it was an un-billievable experience.

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  Ryan Thomas hails from Western New York born and raised in Lockport,NY and has hosted his own podcast "The Thomas Take Sports Podcast" since 2015. Ryan has hosted a wide range of guests on his podcast from players to coaches such as Lorenzo Alexander, Glenn Parker, and Jim "Mouse"  McNally. As well as Journalists, Boxers, and MMA Fighters. Ryan also can be heard as an "On-Air Personality" of Hometown Radio WLVL 1340 AM and 105.3 FM. 


  Ryan Thomas has a deep rooted passion for sports, but in particular Buffalo sports. His fondest memories as a child are heading to the rink to catch a glimpse of Dominik Hasek dominating in the net or Rob Ray dropping the gloves. His favorite Football memories include watching Bills games with his grandfather and playing catch with his Dad. His favorite Bills players from the past include Fred Jackson and Eric Moulds. Ryan is an avid Fantasy Sports competitor and loves to play in leagues with his longtime friends. Most importantly, Ryan Thomas believes that there is no single sports city as great as Buffalo, NY.

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