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Buffalo Bills : The Need For Speed

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The Buffalo Bills have signed All-Pro returner Deontay Harty to a multi-year contract the speedster is now a former New Orleans Saint and will be donning the Buffalo Bills red,white, and blue.

Among the many free agent signings we have seen this offseason I believe personally that this addition is an "under the radar" move that the Bills desperately needed. The competition is heating up in the AFC and especially in the AFC East and it's no coincidence that the best teams have speed at the skill positions whether that is at wideout or at runningback. The Bills have added a wideout that I believe has the traits to burst onto the scene as a legitimate recieving threat and will fill a role that was a void on the roster in the 22-23 season. Shortly after the Bills decided to sign Harty, the team decided to part ways with longtime wideout Isaiah McKenzie. Bills fans have debated whether McKenzie should stay or go for the last few months but the reality is that the Bills need weapons that can impact the team in every phase possible and McKenzie could no longer provide the team with that type of talent and I believe Harty can.

Fantasy football sleeper alert? Maybe so

Most assume Harty is a new slot wideout weapon which could be the case but When assessing the tape on Harty you would see he can play inside or outside. Leaving the Bills with a new speedy weapon for Josh Allen to target.

A great addition in the pursuit for the need for speed and we can expect to see some deep balls from Allen to Harty this season!

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19 mar 2023

Hey ey ey ey. I can’t wait to watch him develop with Allen and Dorsey. He could be very dangerous in the pass game and run game.

Me gusta
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