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Injury Report: Bills Chiefs Divisional Playoff Game

Well it’s here. A divisional round playoff game against the chiefs. This time it’s at home with snow and the Mafia in attendance. The last time the Bills played the Chiefs in the playoffs at home. Bruce Smith sacked Joe Montana and the Bills won on their way to their 4th superbowl. Ohh did I mention I was at that game? No? Well I was up in section 335. Now I have better seats in section 236. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. But first let’s get into the countless injuries we are dealing with.

Josh Allen has consistently been listed for his neck, hand, shoulder… Blah Blah Blah. Did you see him last week? He is fine and I expect another amazing performance against the Chiefs. Maybe 3 passing TDs and a running TD? We’d all love it

Cristian Benford is listed as out with a knee injury. This is likely to be a significant ligament sprain or possibly a significant contusion. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t available next week either provided we are heading to Baltimore for the championship game.

Taylor Rapp still is out with a calf injury. The fact he is still out suggests his injury was a muscle tear rather than just a strain. There is also a possibility of a partial Achilles tendon tear with the way the injury happened. I also doubt he’ll be available in a week. Only hope would be a return for the superbowl.

The good news is although Rasul Douglas is listed as questionable I fully expect him to play. This will be huge to have him there with Dane Jackson oe Elam on the other side and poyer and Hyde in the middle. Along those lines Taron Johnson has been out in concussion protocol. He has been practicing at the end of the week so I suspect he’ll be available on Sunday. This is a huge loss if he is not able to go against Travis Kelce. But it appears he will clear protocol and be ready although listed as questionable.

Linebacker is a huge injury area. Spector is out and may be done for the season and Terrel Bernard left with an ugly ankle injury although reports are favorable and he is listed as questionable. Even if he is active I suspect Bernard will be used extremely sparingly. This is supported by the fact that AJ Klein was activated from the practice squad today. Oh by the way Klein was my star of the game last week leading the team in tackles after being called up 3 days prior to the game as he was leaving on vacation with his family. What a story. The good news is Tyrel Dodson was a full practice on Friday and will be active. I expect we may see a bunch of Dorian Williams this week with the other guys so banged up.

Defensive line is where we are in the best shape. Daquan Jones is doing well and appears to be getting back to his pre injury form. Von Miller finally is starting to show signs of improvement and had several QB pressures last week. Maybe this week he finally gets a sack? Missing is Jordan Phillips. He is still on IR with his wrist injury and surgery. He was eligible to be activated this week but it didn’t happen. He probably won’t be available next week either but should be able to play if we get to the superbowl.

A surprise addition to the injury list was Stefon Diggs. He was tossed around last week but had a good game. Late this week he was listed with a foot injury. That could be nothing or it could be something significant that limits his ability to cut and burst off the line. Pay close attention to how he looks early in the game. In addition to Diggs Gabe Davis was listed as out. This suggests a more serious PCL injury. Possibly a complete tear since stains and partial tears usually are good to go in 10-14 days and we have passed that window. With that in mind the Bills activated Andy Isabella. He is little to be WR 4 after Shakir and Sherrfield and may do some return work again

Finally SamMartin punter pulled a hamstring chasing down the blocked field goal last week. He was able to hold for extra points and field goal attempts later as well as 1 additional punt. His availability was uncertain and the Bills signed Matt Haack mid week. Today Haack was released so it seems that Martin is good to go for Sunday.

In general everyone on the team has significant wear and tear from a long season but no other injuries have been reported to limit a player’s availability. Weather conditions for the game are expected to be good. Maybe low 20s with light wind and no major snow. This should be great for the offense to be able to move the Ball. Josh will Ball out once again and frustrate and dazzle us all along the way. I don’t usually make a prediction but for this game I’ll make an exception. Bills 31- chiefs 28. A nail biter but as coach McDermott says. ‘Find a way just find away to win” the Bills have done that 6 weeks in a row now and will make it 7. As Always GO BILLS


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21 de jan.

Dr. Bruce

Thank you for the update!! I can feel the Love!! Great Prediction only I’m going to say 34-28 Bills!! Go Bills!! 💙❤️💙


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