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Injury Report: week 18. Squish the fish week

It’s week 18. What the heck happened this year. We were basically dead in the water a month ago and now we are playing for the AFC East title and the number 2 seed overall. Whew! It’s win and we’re in baby! In general the Bills are pretty healthy for this time of year. The biggest concern is Josh Allen. The Bills go as Josh does so let’s get to it.

Josh Allen has 2 injuries documented. He sustained both last week against the Patriots. He has a left sided stinger. This really looks like it is doing well and shouldn’t impact his play. The big concern here is if he should sustain another major hit and reactivate his symptoms. In other words SLIDE JOSH SLIDE! The other injury is his right middle finger which he hit on a helmet following through on a play in the first quarter last week. He was noted to have continued swelling of the first joint(PIP) of the middle finger during practice late this week. As any of us know a “jammed finger” is stiff and somewhat painful with grasping. This may impact his grip on the ball but shouldn’t stop him from playing or markedly impact accuracy or distance. So Josh should be a full go and hopefully he’ll have his usual performance against the Dolphins.

Center Mitch Morse missed practice with an illness. This usually won’t stop a player from playing but his stamina may be less than normal. Watch carefully to see if Ryan Bates comes in to spell him as the game goes on. Good news is Bates played center for several years at Penn State and has been the primary backup for Morse the past 2 years.

Leonard Floyd continues to play with a rib injury. He has played well the past several games with this injury so I suspect he’ll be his usual self and can hopefully get another sack this week. Along those lines AJ Epenesa has not been on the injury list so his rib injury has apparently resolved. Let’s get a couple batted balls from him and Tua will be running.

Continuing with the DLine. Von Miller just hasn’t shown that he has fully recovered from his ACL injury. Although he was a ful participant all week don’t be surprised if he is a healthy scratch

Micah Hyde has apparently recovered from his stingers. He will play with Poyer in the middle and give confusing looks for Tua. Only concern is with his aggressive play he could get another injury and be knocked out of the game or playoffs. (After we win the game)

Damar Hamlin has been dealing with a significant shoulder injury. This is possibly a Labral tear or rotator cuff injury. With Hyde healthy I suspect he’ll be inactive tonight

It was interesting that Stefon Diggs had a veteran rest day on Friday. Hopefully that will let him recover a little more and he can light up Jalen Ramsey. I’ll be fine with a taunting penalty on his TD run.

As for the Dolphins there list is long but most of the players will play. 2 players of note are lineman Chubb and Phillips. Both are out for the rest of the season but the backup linemen are experienced and have played well against us previously.

Xavian Howard has been declared out and should help our receivers get open. Last game against the Dolphins Ramsey was out and Howard played and did a pretty good job.

Mostert has been labeled questionable but the Dolphins coach says he will likely play although it will be a game time decision. Similarly Waddle has been labeled questionable with his ankle injury. I expect him to play but his speed and cutting ability may be a little decreased.

Tyreek Hill has been dealing with multiple dings and bruises but continues to play at a high level. Still very difficult to cover but McDermott defense was able to keep him contained before.

Then we get to Tua. He has a left shoulder injury, left thumb injury and left thigh injury. His shoulder is probably a mild AC joint injury or just a contusion from landing on it heavily. His thumb may be an issue gripping the ball which could impact both accuracy and distance. His sore thigh may limit mobility and escaping the pocket from interior pressure by Oliver and Jones. The 3 may combine for a long night for Tua.

Well that about covers the main injuries impacting this game. The Bills have figured out how to win when they need to. It’s not always pretty but they have found a way. As Josh would say “JUST WIN BABY. WIN ON 3. 1,2 3”

And as always Go Bills! Squish the fish

Dr Bruce

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