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Injury Report: week 2 no major injuries but a few scares

Our Bills put a big hurt on the Raiders with a big win and knocking Raiders wideout Adams out of the game. We did sustain a couple of injuries and a couple of hits on players that made those of us in the stadium hold our breaths for a few moments. One big hit was on TE Dalton Kincaid. He got popped hard during an end zone attempt and hit the ground hard. He took a few seconds to get back up and left the field. He returned shortly and continued to play well And was the third leading receiver with 5 catches for 43 yards.

Safety Micah Hyde suffered a leg injury while forcing a Raiders receiver out of bounds. He came up gingerly and was favoring his leg a little. He was evaluated by the trainers and remained on the sidelines but was replaced by Tyler Rapp. Since then it’s been reported he has some soreness in his hamstring. He remarked after the game that he would be ready to play in the next game and is currently listed as day to day. With what appears to be a mild hamstring strain and the fact Rapp played really well it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was on the inactive list next week with Rapp playing alongside of Poyer.

In the fourth quarter Defensive End Leonard Floyd came off the field limping. He was applying pressure up field and was bumped by an offensive lineman and appeared to roll his right ankle. He was evaluated on the sideline and had his right ankle taped. I was able to watch his evaluation and taping from my seat and it looked like a standard taping for support of a minor low ankle sprain. He was up walking with no significant limp on the sidelines shortly. He is listed as day to day and I suspect he will be ready to go on Sunday against the Commanders.

Von Miller remains on PUP but is now 2 weeks closer to returning to practice and playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his first appearance in London with limited snaps.

Overall it was a good week with little to report on the Bills. However there was a catastrophic injury that happened in Monday night’s game when RB Chubb left the field with a horrific knee injury. The videos are disturbing and not for the faint hearted. It appeared that his knee was dislocated causing major ligament damage (probably 3 ligaments) and possible vascular damage which could compromise circulation to the lower leg. I believe that he had a similar injury to the same knee while in college and then returned to play in a year and had a stellar college career and has been great throughout his professional career. With a second injury to the knee he will have at least a long recovery and rehabilitation period. It’s possible that this repeat injury could end his career. Once more information is available I can discuss it further. In the meantime I will just offer my sympathy and prayers for his recovery.

Have a great week and let me know if there are any questions or topics you want me to cover. Goooo Bills!

Dr. Bruce

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