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The Injury Report: week 2 preseason

Well aside from the injury to our pride from such an ugly loss there were 3 significant injuries during the game against Pittsburgh. Tommy Doyle suffered a major knee injury to his left knee, Shane Ray injured his hamstring and Matt Barkley got his throwing elbow injured.

Let’s start with the most severe injury. Tommy Doyle had a severe hyper extension injury to his left knee and was carted off the field in an air cast. This injury looked very severe and immediately gave concern for his ACL,LCL, PCL and possibly a fibula fracture or tibial plateau fracture. There have also now been reports that he has nerve damage and possible foot drop. With a multiple ligament injury(reportedly ACL and LCL) and potential fracture and nerve injury he is looking forward to a Multiple stage surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Initially they would repair the lateral ligament and allow any fractures to heal and then do an ACL reconstruction in a few weeks after that. The possible nerve damage to the Peroneal nerve causing a foot drop( weakness lifting the foot/toes upward) can resolve slowly in time if the damage is minimal or if the damage is severe lead to permanent weakness and the need for an orthotic device to assist with walking etc. possibly resulting in the end of his career. As of today he has been placed on the Injured Reserve list and is out for the season. Whether he will play next year will depend on many factors.

Shane Ray was having a good camp and preseason but injured his hamstring and left the game. This injury seems to be more serious than the initial reports since he was placed on injured reserve today. This should allow him to have a complete recovery and potentially be added to the team or practice squad later in the season

Matt Barkley had his throwing elbow hit and left the game. Watching the game it looked like a helmet hit the elbow as he was throwing. This could just be a soft tissue injury (contusion) or possibly a mild UCL strain. Either way I suspect his time will be limited in the next preseason game if he plays at all. Don’t be surprised if the team picks up another QB this week to play some of the Chicago game.

Dawson Knox has a hyperextended pinky finger and was held out to allow it to heal. This should not affect his ability to play week 1. He may be held out of practice and certainly will not be likely to play against Chicago.

Von Miller remains on PUP but has been practicing on the side doing drills and looks good without any braces. He may be activated soon but I doubt he’ll be ready for week one

Jordan Phillips and Tyler Matakevich are progressing and are both likely to be ready for week 1

Tyrell Bernard continues to heal from his hamstring injury and should probably be ready to go week one if he doesn’t have any setbacks

‘’Once again it’s apparent that football is a violent game and players can be injured at any time. I know we all wish Tommy Doyle a smooth recovery as he begins another difficult year of rehabilitation. I also don’t expect to see any starters playing this Saturday to minimize their chances of injury. Feel free to comment or ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. GOOOOO BILLS!


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