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The Injury Report: Week 2 Training Camp

Overall it’s been a pretty good 2 weeks of training camp. The team has stayed fairly healthy with minimal injuries. Obviously everyone was concerned with the 2 hits Josh took but he appears healthy and made light of the hits saying” it’s good to get hit”. I for one would like to see him play without getting hit both in camp and preseason. Stay healthy Josh. We need you if we are going to go anywhere this season.

Today there was some good news as Jordan Phillips came off PUP and was active for practice. After practice he stated that he was feeling good and excited to be back on the field. Most of his work was 1on1 or sideline work But it’s good to see him out there. Another big body and motor in the middle of the D line is a good thing.

Speaking of the PUP list. Von Miller continues to look good and reports say there is a “chance” he might be ready for week one. As that game is just a little over a month away I still think he is unlikely to play in week one and will gradually be inserted into the rotation as the season goes on.

Tyler Matakevich remains on the PUP but the type of calf injury that he has will likely recover fairly soon. Stay tuned but don’t be surprised if he is activated in the next 2 weeks.

CB Cam Lewis was shaken up near the end of practice today. He hit the ground hard breaking up a pass and also hit his head on the turf. He received immediate treatment and walked off the field. It may be nothing but a concussion is a possibility also. Stay tuned on this one.

Heres a list of some of the rest of the Dings Dents and Scratches from the week:

CB Kyron Brown had an early week groin injury but was back at practice looking ok at the end of the week

WR Bryan Thompson sustained a concussion early in week and remains in the concussion protocol

DT Tim Settle had a groin injury and missed 1 day of practice but was back on Thursday Friday and Today. He looked good today and should be good to go

OT Spencer Brown gave everyone a scare onThursday when he left practice and was unable to pick up his helmet. It appears that this was just a cas of muscle spasms after a hot practice since he was on the field for the Blue and Red practice. This is concerning to me since he had back surgery( minor Discectomy) after the 21-22 season. We’ll need to keep an eye on this going forward as there is uncertainty in who his replacement might be if he goes down with a back problem

WR Isaiah Coulter went down early in the week with a knee injury. No specifics but he has not returned to practice

LB Matt Milano was held out of practice for 1 day with “general soreness “. He returned to practice without any specific injury and looked fine

CB Taron Johnson was held out of practice for 1 day with “General Soreness “. It’s interesting that this happened the day after he hit Josh Allen. Was he given a message? He has returned to practice and looks fine

DT Ed Oliver is not on the injury list but has been spotted wearing a compression fitting on his thigh. He hasn’t missed any time but maybe has a slight groin strain. Another one to keep an eye on

OG Ryan Bates has been seen wearing a sleeve on his thigh area. Once again he hasn’t missed any time but could be nursing a mild groin strain. This could definitely effect the battle for right guard.

Well that about sums it up for this week. Hopefully everyone can stay healthy over the next week and be ready for preseason game 1 against the Colts. I can’t wait to get back in the stadium and root my team on with 65000 Mafia. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Saturday. GOOOOOO BILLS!!!

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