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The View From 142


I would like to start off by thanking Swank and them Reed boys for giving me an opportunity to write about the team I've loved since I was a small child.  And since you are reading this, I will assume that you share the same love for the Buffalo football team that I do.

The Giants came into Buffalo for a much anticipated primetime matchup that many Western New Yorkers had circled on their calendars from the moment the schedule was released. As the stadium filled up it was evident that there would be many unfriendly fans in attendance for the night's game.  New Jersey supporters were numerous as Aaron Williams fired up the crowd as the legend of the game and you could see they were intimidated by 60,000 fanatics screaming “right here right now” to start the game.

Unfortunately, the home team gave these invading downstaters no reason to remain intimidated.  As the first half unfolded, shouts of “scoreboard” and “Daball’s better” ate away at the native New Yorkers, who were hoping for a get-right game to wash the taste of tea and crumpets out of our mouths left over from a lackluster London performance.  With the team’s performance, the Bills faithful were left to sit and be heckled.

Finally, the offense showed up and the Bills fans unleashed onto the group of Giants fans.  Even with the game still in the balance, groups of fans were being removed by security halfway through the 4th quarter.

All in all I couldn’t help but to think of this game from the perspective of the drought.  We gave our best effort every year against the league's best teams, like New England.  I remember watching the Bills play well enough to be deserving of a win and somehow, Brady would put together enough in the last 10 minutes to pull out a win.  Bills fans would think the refs stole the game and how we never got any calls.  And although this game was stressful, it's nice to know we can grind out wins and leave the other guys wondering how they let one get away.

My Name is Kyle Gobe and that’s the view from 142.

Kyle Gobe is a season ticket holder in section 142, the Rock Pile.  He recaps home games in a segment called The View From 142, and will post Tuesday’s after home games so long as people read it.

Below are some images and videos from the night.

Fans were given a light up wrist band that flashed in patterns. Allen and the boys scrap it up!

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