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The View From 142

It’s been a while between the home game and this post so I appreciate everyone for sticking through and reading. 

Thursday night brought a very young and lubed up crowd into Highmark. With very few bucs fans to be found the Bills faithful brought an energy that can only be described as that kind of energy you get when you first start getting drunk in your early 20’s. As the game got underway, even the drunkest, dumbest Bills fans could see the offense doing things we have been waiting for since the early weeks.  Josh ran. Josh spread the ball around to receivers. Josh got the rook involved.  It wasn’t Diggs or nothing. 

However as the dogs started catching frisbees for the halftime entertainment and the concessions stopped selling beer, the offense fell flat and so did the crowd. I was amazed to find my section half empty in a one possession game in the final moments. And as pleased as I was with the improvements of the offense in the first half I was equally angry at the Buffalo fan base for giving up on the team in the 4th quarter. 

I get it, I remember my 1st Bills game. But I also remember my 1st Bills game. The Bucs felt the power of the 12th man in the first half as we screamed them into multiple pre-snap penalties. I just wish the mafia had that same effort in the 4th quarter when the Bucs ended up just one play away from stealing one. So I guess I’m calling out the mafia as we look forward to another primetime home game against a mid level team.  Make sure you're present and ready to see the game through. My Name is Kyle Gobe and that’s the view from 142.

Kyle Gobe is a season ticket holder in section 142, the Rock Pile.  He recaps home games in a segment called The View From 142, and will post Tuesday’s after home games so long as people read it.

Below: See Josh run!

A too empty stadium for the circumstance

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