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The view from 142


Well, Monday night was an absolute nightmare. As the crowd filled in to see if the offense could figure it out, I witnessed something new to section 142.  The familiar faces sold their tickets and the crowd (reportedly the cheapest game in the past 2 years) was young.  The box seats directly behind my seats were empty. It seemed like Buffalo’s diehard fans and those with the deepest pockets had already decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to trek out to watch the NFL’s flagship prime time game in person.  And I gotta admit, gen z was a pretty great group of people to watch the dumpster fire that was the Bills offense.  Just like the offense on the field, there was no fight in the crowd. I didn’t see anyone get removed by security, and we all just kinda took it in. The turnovers, the incredibly old school decision to bench the best offensive weapon over the past several weeks. At least we all had a good laugh watching Cook absolutely carve up the Bronco defense in his return from his timeout.  I secretly hoped that Dorsey continually fed Cook the ball as a way to make the coach look like a dick.  And after the way Tuesday played out, I really hope that we got the “Cook drive” as a final act of defiance of a coordinator whose hands were tied by a head coach that cares so much about the wrong things. Maybe getting rid of Dorsey will fix Allen and the offense but the problems seem to run deeper.  Afterall, a 12 men on the field penalty that turned a game saving miss into a game(season?) ending field goal  reminds me more of Rex Ryan than Sean McDermott.  My Name is Kyle Gobe and that’s the view from 142.

Kyle Gobe is a season ticket holder in section 142, the Rock Pile.  He recaps home games in a segment called The View From 142, and will post Tuesday’s after home games so long as people read it.

The Giant Flag for Buffalo's salute to the military.

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