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Yes Chef


I went to a Christmas party Saturday night and ended up with a bottle of fireball and some homemade gummies in a white elephant gift exchange so I went into Highmark Sunday afternoon feeling my absolute best.  Rainy December games make for rough tailgating but we all managed to do our part. And since cars are dry I didn’t get to good ol section 142 until close to kickoff. Let me tell you, I enjoy mocking the idea that Dallas is America’s team as much as you do but there was no doubt that this was the most infiltrated our stadium has ever been.  Apparently, Cowboys fans do a thing where they shout out “here we go” and fellow fans shout it back. But it has a unique cadence behind it that sounds closest to comedian Carlos Mencia’s “dee dee dee.”  Ok. Now that you YouTubed that and remember how annoying that guy was, multiply it by 20,000 people you don’t want to watch a football game with and that’s what it was like around 4:05 in the stadium.  I’m so glad we beat the piss out of them and I didn’t have to hear people shouting out “here we go” all night. Although the Bills fans jeering “your team blows” in the same awful cadence was much more tolerable. 

Anyways, I want to switch gears and bring up another super annoying fan base in an attempt to get something trending in the mafia. I can’t stand the Yankees but I really like when Aaron Judge is announced to the plate and all of the Yankee faithful reply with an “all rise” in unison. It’s a special thing that really dedicated fan bases do, a cheer that everyone knows and is championing your guys specialness. Bruce got it from us after every sack in the 90’s, Heath Miller got it in Pittsburgh, and dammit it’s time we recognize the emerging superstar we have in James Cook. I started this season calling him “butter” for his overall smoothness, the way he churns them massive legs to grind out every yard. But that’s never gonna catch on. Ain’t no way we all just start calling James Cook butter. It’s a bad stretch of a culinary reference. Also, I have something way better.  As Cook was starting to impose his will over the Cowboy defense, the following scenario began to unfold. Hand off to cook resulting in a first down. Crowd roars, the public address announcer calls out 1st down and plays the boxing ring bells(that’s 3 quick dings) and I found myself shouting out “yes chef.”  And this is the one mafia. This is our “all rise” moment.  We have one more regular season game. Let’s make this happen. If the offensive resurgence has been clear about one thing it’s that this team goes as far as the Cook can take us. And all we need to do is get behind him!

Yes, chef!

My Name is Kyle Gobe and that’s the view from 142.

Kyle Gobe is a season ticket holder in section 142, the Rock Pile.  He recaps home games in a segment called The View From 142, and will post Tuesday’s after home games so long as people read it.

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